Tasty copywriting bites

‘We’re dedicated to adventure and inspired by nature. Enjoy a range of uniquely exciting life experiences, in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. While guest safety comes first, it never takes the edge from the adventure itself. The thrill is always there.’ From a website for Cabo Adventures.

‘How to get ahead in the Cloud: Could this be the silver lining you’ve been looking for? How would you like to connect to almost any market, almost anywhere in the world, and compete with the local guys on an equal footing?’ From an email campaign for Thomson Reuters.

‘Let your heart rule your head. This is about passion, success and image. We look at Royal Salute as a super premium global brand, at who drinks it and why, at the brand strengths and values, and at how we should express those values.’ From the global brand book for Royal Salute Scotch whisky.

‘You are not aloof. But you have no desire to be an open book. You are proud to be different. And we know you love black. But something is missing. The finishing touch, to complete your already compelling look. Radiant silk scarves and foulards that turn heads in admiration and intensify your allure, confident personality, adventurous spirit and unconventional lifestyle.’ From website copy for Aurora Niva.

‘Keeping our writing simple is business critical. But don’t forget that we use certain technical terms because we’re legally obliged to do so. Our customers are familiar with this terminology, so we don’t want you to change it or dumb-down. We just want things kept as short and as straightforward as possible.’ From tone of voice guidelines for Openreach technical authors.

‘Prepare to take a journey of discovery reserved for a special few. Prepare to celebrate with Chivas Regal 18, the smoothest, richest whisky in the world. Once you’ve acquired the taste, nothing less will do.’ Label copy for Chivas Regal 18 premium Scotch whisky.

‘Thinking of joining us? We’d love that. But you obviously want to know a little more about Moto Hospitality first, about what we do and what we stand for. Then, if you reckon we’re a good fit for you, and if we feel the same way about you, it would be great to have you on board.’ From the careers section of the Moto Hospitality website.

‘White sand. The sun. A gentle breeze. An azure sea. You’ve got the picture! Or have you? However idyllic the scenery, it can play havoc with your filming, unless you come prepared with the right filter for your camera.’ From an email campaign for Sony digital cameras.

‘People have been banging on about broadband changing the way we live, work and play for ages. And it has. We can go online to do just about anything. But the explosion of choice can cause aggro when several people in the same home want to do their thing online at the same time. That’s where fibre broadband comes to the rescue.’ From a BT email explaining the benefits of fibre broadband.

‘Most hackers are focused on spreading viruses or taking down websites. But did you know that your WordPress site might be at risk from an altogether more dangerous breed of cyber criminal? They’re intent on infiltrating your site via your WP plugins and using it to redirect visitors’ to gambling and porn sites, causing irreparable damage to your reputation.’ From a promotional brochure for SEO Firewall.