Copywriting services deliver your marketing vision

SEO copywriting skills to secure top rankings. Inspiring content copywriting to increase conversion rates.

Need a riveting video script, a thought-provoking white paper, or a compelling management summary for a major bid? Struggling to communicate concepts and processes in a clear and concise manner? Preparing for new ways of doing business?

My copywriting services deliver your marketing vision across all channels.

I’m a London-based freelance copywriter with more than 25 years’ experience, serving clients throughout the UK and globally.

I’ve worked with BT, Openreach, Arval, Brooks Brothers, Pernod Rickard, Moto Hospitality, Thomson Reuters, Sony, Jackpotjoy, Aurora Niva and Cabo Adventures, among others.

Rod Mitchell Freelance Copywriter

Rod Mitchell

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Six reasons why my copywriting services do what it says on the tin


It’s vital for me to get to grips with your offer, your sector and your strategy. Then, by putting myself in your shoes and in the mindset of your audience, I use my copywriting skills to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Much of what I need to know will be in your brief. Meeting face-to-face (post-Covid), via a video link or on the phone, fleshes out the brief and establishes a more productive (and creative) working relationship.


Writing more like people speak gets the best results. English is a constantly evolving language. Slavishly following archaic rules of grammar can make you sound dull, pompous and out of touch.

That’s why I like to use contractions where it makes sense to do so, along with split infinitives to add emphasis, and analogies to explain complexity.


Words become more engaging and even more effective when you talk directly to your audience, in the first person. ‘You’ also sounds friendlier than referring to ‘customers,’ ‘clients’ and ‘ end users.’ And I avoid being gender specific, by replacing ‘he’ and ‘she’ with ‘they’ or a job title.


The fewer the words, the better the prayer! I’ll keep your sentences and paragraphs short (and sweet). And I’ll lead the eye from one point to the next in a logical manner, building interest as we go. It’s the only way to keep your audience on side.


Most people quickly scan content for relevance. I’ll make sure they understand the main points of your offer from glancing at your headings and sub-headings, so they can immediately see where they want to dig deeper.


Before I send you the first draft of copy, I’ll check out each sentence for ambiguity. I’ll also remove any words phrases that give an illusion of meaning but often mean nothing.

I don’t rely on spell checkers to proof read. They’re flaky at handling context. I prefer to read what I’ve written out loud to myself. It’s the best way to assess the true flow and conduct a proper nitpicking exercise.

Walking the copywriting talk

If you’d like to see examples of the copywriting projects I’ve worked on, along with some copywriting snippets, Email me and I’ll send you a link. I won’t pester you with follow-up emails. And I won’t share your contact details with, or sell them to, anyone else.