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Attention-grabbing copywriting

My copywriting services make people sit up and listen, get in touch, sign on the dotted line and change perceptions.

Rod Mitchell

Freelance Copywriter London UK


Powerful and convincing copywriting

My approach to copywriting is based on understanding your offer, your strategy and your sector.

Putting myself in your shoes, and in the mindset of your audience, I use my copywriting skills to drive home your marketing messages in powerful and convincing ways.

While this site focuses on content copywriting, I embrace the same principles across all channels.

Here’s how I walk the talk…

1. Adding value from the word go

If I’m at your creative heads-up, I can…

Ask questions raised by your brief (and get answers on the spot).

Tease out hidden benefits (think wood & trees).

Contribute my thoughts to the discussion.

2. Hitting the sweet spot

Words and design must work in perfect harmony.

It’s the only way to ensure that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts!

Well-developed copy should give designers ideas that bounce the creative up a notch or two (mine does).

And a healthy working relationship with your agency avoids the need for me to rewrite approved copy at the last minute (to fit wire frames and page layouts).

3. Putty in your hands

My content copywriting guides your audience to the point where they’re ready to surrender to your charms, by…

Answering the key questions they’ll be asking themselves straight away (‘What is it?’ ‘Is it for me?’ and ‘What’s in it for me?’).

Making it easy to drill down to the detail they want (through your headings and sub-headings).

Keeping your sentences and paragraphs short & sweet (while leading the eye from one point to the next in a logical manner).

Closing with a strong call to action.

4. Keeping it real

Marcomms that read more like people speak achieve the best results.

l’ll make your words ring true, with the astute use of…

Contractions (for an informal tone and smoother read).

Split infinitives (to add emphasis).

Analogies (to explain complexity).

Metaphors (to make intriguing comparisons).

Delivering the goods

My first draft of copy will be on brief, on time and on budget.

But I’m a realist, not a prima donna.

Which is why my estimates include three iterations, to cover your amends. And they’re set in stone, unless your brief changes along the way.

Don’t be a stranger

Rod Mitchell Freelance Copywriter

Some of the businesses I’ve worked with…

BT, Openreach, Arval, Barclays Bank, Brooks Brothers, Pernod Rickard, Moto Hospitality, Thomson Reuters, Sony, Jackpotjoy, Aurora Niva and Cabo Adventures.

Want to know about the kind of copywriting projects I’ve been involved in, and see a few copywriting examples?

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