Words first.

Copywriting services from the pen of the copywriters’ copywriter.

Words are typically an afterthought. They’re treated as a commodity & shovelled into the design at the last minute. That’s wrong. Words & design should complement each other, like two sides of a coin. But how do you get past the impasse? Ask me to work on the words before you brief your designer. When your marketing messages are well developed, your designer should get a valuable creative nudge from the first few paragraphs of copy. The whole can then become greater than the sum of its parts!

Rod Mitchell

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Do’s & don’ts.

Copywriting services from the pen of the copywriters' copywriter.
The right words can give you the competitive edge, build your reputation & help deliver your vision. The wrong words ...

Key to success.

Key to success.
Not so long ago, particularly in the corporate space, businesses were full of stuffed shirts. And they sounded it - ...


Words become more effective & more involving when you talk directly to your audience. People can assume you're being disrespectful ...

First things first.

Copywriting services that get straight to the point.
My opening words will answer the key questions your visitors will be asking themselves: 'What’s it about?' 'Is it for ...

Standing out.

Copywriting services that make you stand out from the crowd.
Most readers aren't fixated on text from the off. They quickly scan it. I'll make certain that your audience understands ...

Lost cause.

Copywriting services that won't send your audience to the land of nod.
No one reads endless columns of text, or listens intently to presentations that drone on forever. It's a real turn-off ...

Clarity wins.

Copywriting services for the modern world.
Clarity in content writing isn't about slavishly following established rules of grammar. English is a living, breathing & constantly changing ...


Copywriting services sorted!
I'll check out each sentence I write for ambiguity. While I'm at it, I'll remove the words & phrases that ...

Fine tuning.

Copywriting services on the right wavelength.
After any copy changes you ask me to make, I like to put the 'final' draft aside for a day ...

Words worth.

Say no to DIY copywriting services.
Why hire a copywriter? Why not write your own copy? You know what you do best. Right? Yes. Absolutely right ...

Talking turkey.

Talking turkey.
If you're targeting audiences in countries where English isn't the first language, you're probably thinking about employing a translation outfit ...