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Looking to increase sales, shift perceptions or promote new ideas?

My copywriting services will deliver the words you need to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

I’m Rod Mitchell, a freelance copywriter based in London. From back in the day to today, I’ve worked for organisations of all sizes, across most major market sectors, on:

Web content, video & agent scripts, speeches & presentations, email & direct mail campaigns, product & service literature, posters & exhibition support material, brand guidelines, and executive summaries for bids & tenders.

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Winning hearts & minds

I’d develop the words I write for you based on what I believe to be the golden rules of copywriting. Each medium obviously has its own variation of these rules. For web content specifically, they’re about:

1. Getting straight to the pointMy opening words will answer the key questions your audience will be asking themselves: What’s it about? Is it for me? What’s in it for me?

2. Ensuring your offer shines through: Most readers will first quickly scan your text. I’ll make certain they understand the main thrust of your offer from glancing at your headings and sub-headings.

3. Holding people’s interest: No one reads great slabs of text.  It’s a real turn-off. I’ll keep your sentences and paragraphs short (and sweet). While I’m about it, I’ll make certain that your content leads the eye (and the brain) from one point to the next in a totally logical manner.

4. Using everyday English: I prefer to write more like people speak. It makes you sound more human, more approachable and therefore easy to do business with.

5. Making it personal: Words become more effective and therefore more involving when you address people directly, as I’m doing to you now.

6. Conducting a sanity check: I’ll check out each sentence I write for clear and unambiguous meaning. While I’m at it, I’ll cut out the words and phrases that give an illusion of meaning but often mean nothing. We all tend to overdo it at times, even moi!

7. Returning and retuning: If time permits, I like to put my first draft of copy aside for a day or two. A return visit with a fresh mindset invariably allows me to make improvements.


If you think you can be your own copywriter, good luck. But everything tells me that you can’t, because:

  • It’s not your day job
  • You haven’t got the time 
  • You’re far too close to the subject matter to be utterly objective. That said, I will obviously need to develop a thorough understanding of your offer and your target audience. Your marketing brief and my follow-up questions should take care of that.


Got a copywriting project in mind? Want to see examples of my work/testimonials? Then click here to email Rod Mitchell.

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